Wandering Made Airstream Wifi Antenna Mount

by Sydney Ryanczak

Let’s get real…when you are glamping, Wifi is a must. How else are you going to post to Insta? Many campgrounds provide free wifi or wifi for a small fee that you can connect to with all your devices but the connection isn’t aways that great depending on how far away you are from the wifi hotspot. Right? Been there? Yep. Enter the Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2 v2 long range Wi-Fi repeater kit.

The Camp Pro attaches to your Airstream outside and repeats the campground’s wifi signal inside by creating a private network just for you and those you share it with…I recommend leaving the kids OFF the network. They’ll suck your bandwidth looking at Tic Tok! It’s easily configured from your phone via a URL. We’ve successfully doubled and sometimes tripled our download speeds using the Camp Pro which has been a game changer for us in terms of A) working remotely B) streaming movies and TV shows.

How did we attach the antenna? Scott was hesitant about drilling any holes into Matilda…because holes introduce water and water introduces a whole world of hurt to your camper if it gets inside. So, using his killer design skills, a 3D Printer and an extension pole he bought off Amazon, he created the Wandering Made Airstream Wifi Antenna Mount. This mounting system requires no drilling, is easy to install and breakdown and allows your Camp Pro to clear the height of your Airstream including the ACs and Fantastic Fan Covers.

Wandering Made parts to attach the antenna

The system includes 2 pole brackets and 2 wire brackets. The pole brackets slide onto the front window guards and the wire brackets slide onto the lower rock guards. The Camp Pro antenna zipties to the top of the pole. The whole thing easily disassembles for storage when you leave.

What did we do about the wiring? The Camp Pro has a long USB cord that connects the antenna to a router that you keep inside the camper. Scott fed the wire from the outdoor storage compartment, up inside the camper behind a small opening in the insulation, behind the bench seat and to the wall mounted (thanks to Command strips) router behind our TV. Whew! Got that? Pictures are better than words here…

The mount clears the top of the Airstream
The Camp Pro attached to the pole with zip ties
Pole mounts attach to the window guards
The mounts don’t touch the side of the Airstream and come with built in wire holders
Wire mounts attach to the rock guards
The USB cord feeds through the storage area
The USB cord comes in behind the bench seat
The router mounts behind the TV
The router antenna poking out behind the TV

We’ve successfully installed this system on both a 2018 FB Flying Cloud (👋 @americanwalkabout!) and our 2019 RB Flying Cloud. If you are interested in buying this system please contact us or DM us on Facebook or Instagram. We’re happy to assist you and if needed work with you to custom design mounts that would work with your Airstream!

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