Patagonia Down Sweater

by Sydney Ryanczak

Scott and I must have tried on 8 different forever jackets.  Meaning a high-quality warm jacket that we’d keep forever.  We wanted it to be versatile and one we could wear to the grocery store, to work, out hiking, anywhere.  Enter Patagonia.  First of all the company is super responsible.  They go above and beyond to make sure of fair labor practices and no animal cruelty (meaning they don’t live pluck the feathers for their down jackets).  Second, their products are well made.  Scott and I both got the Patagonia Down Sweater.  It is incredibly lightweight (12.2 oz) and so warm!  It also folds up into its own little baggie so you can pack it easily.  It’s not cheap (retails for $229) but watch for sales.  We got our from for 30% off over black Friday week last year.  I also got another 10% off using ebates.  Also check out REI, as they will have sales as well.  Best jacket ever!

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