Hemlock Falls

by Sydney Ryanczak

Located near Lake Burton on Moccasin Creek, Hemlock Falls is an easy hike and perfect for kids and dogs.  The trail is well marked and follows the creek all the way to falls.  The day we hiked, it had been raining and the trail felt like a rain forest- very wet and misty.  It was incredibly green!  As you enter the woods, there is a giant field of vibrant green ferns to the left. 



Secondary trails on the right will lead you to a few primitive campsites.  There are mini waterfalls and streams all along the way.   About 1/2 down you cross the creek on a very tiny but sturdy wooden bridge. 


There is also an impressive rock overhang perfect for pictures.  Hemlocks are everywhere and the creek is in a valley between two decent sized mountains.  It’s very tranquil and peaceful and you can hear the creek rushing the entire way.  You can enter the creek in several spots but be careful!  The water is very fast and the rocks are slippery.  Scott fell twice but lived to tell about it.  If you bring small children please keep an eye on them and don’t let them in the water until you get the falls.  



At the end of the trail is the waterfall itself and 2 primitive campsites.  Hemlock Falls is not very tall but is very full of water (in May).  It fell into a pool that would definitely be fun for a swim or a splash in the summer as the water near the shoreline was relatively shallow and gets deeper closer to the waterfall.



I highly recommend a trip out to Hemlock Falls.  It ranks high up on my list of waterfall hikes and doesn’t take long to get to.  An easy trip for a big reward!

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