Introducing Matilda

by Sydney Ryanczak

We adopted an Airstream!

How did this happen? It had been a dream of mine for awhile to own an RV and I always thought it would be something I would do when I retired. I talked to Scott about it off and on over the years about how much fun it would be which, if you know me,  is funny because I have not always been incredibly outdoorsy.  I’ve gotten better.  Scott and I started day hiking and kayaking together a few years back. Heck, we even got married outside in front of a waterfall in the North Georgia Mountains! We toyed with the idea of going tent camping and backpacking. In fact, we bought some backpacks and had been planning a trip when we decided to buy Matilda. Ok ok, so how did it happen?

About 2 years ago, Scott sent me an article about the Airstream Basecamp and how it was the “latest in adventure campers”. It was cool but I got sucked into the website and saw the Sport 16′. YES! That was my style. Cute, campy and perfect for glamping.  I looked at the price and said: “ok…. maybe not now”. Earlier this year we went to the RV show and checked out some very traditional “boxy” campers. They were nice….but eh. When I told Scott that it was one of my life goals to own an RV it inspired him to look around again. He looked at the Happier Camper, the Cricket, the Nest and some others. They were very cool….and it landed us back at the Sport. Perusing Airstream Classifieds Scott found a 2015 Sport 16′ in Savannah, GA. The only one in the southeast for sale. I didn’t take him seriously but he sent an email and inquired. They had someone interested in buying it already but if it fell through they would let us know. Poop. The next day they let us know….the deal fell through. WHAT!?!?! OH CRAP! I panicked. I was so excited and nervous about splurging on an item that seemed like a luxury and non-essential. Buying something like this is not something I do. But Scott kept saying, “we can do this and it’s your life goal! ” The stars had aligned.

We decided to meet Jan and Jack in Macon, GA to check it out. They had only owned it a few months and while they loved it, they needed a bigger camper for extensive traveling. It was like adopting a baby….ok it was nothing like adopting a baby. But I was nervous and was afraid I’d be disappointed! Then I saw it….they drove up pulling Matilda and she was beautiful. I was in love and so was Scott. Jan and Jack gave us the tour and showed us how everything worked. Yep, it was meant to be. A few hours later and a few thousand dollars poorer, she was ours.

Introducing Matilda aka “Mattie Wagon”. Welcome to the family!



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